Rehab Group

Slings can be used for simple, relieving mobilization exercises and rehabilitation after complicated injuries. Especially when it comes to activate the back muscles have slings shown to have great effect. With Jungle Sports equipment gets therapist a tool that provides new treatment options.

When no longer needed for individual treatment, the patient can often successfully shifted to a team process where teams training / therapy is organized for individual problems such as. neck / shoulder supports, stærkryg, knee / hip, pelvis and so on. For the clinics that have the ability to offer group training we recommend GYM system that makes it possible for the therapist to work with several people at once. Recent studies show that several groups of patients achieve better results by training classes with instructor than to train at home. The reason is motivated by coming to training and the quality of the selected exercises

By being able to offer suspension training as group training will be expanded up for other exciting groups such as, pregnancy and after childbirth, incontinence, pain teams wear arthritis etc.

Another large group is the sport specific groups which the training is targeted both the damage preventive and performance-enhancing part. If you are unsure about this can be adapted to your premises, contact us and we will help you find the optimal solution for your clinic.