About us

The story about Jungle Sports®

Jungle Sports was founded in 2008 by Jan Schultz Larsen, as a result of his own rehabilitation after a serious car accident in 2003. Two years after the accident car, Jan abandoned by doctors in Denmark, and was told that he because of the extent of damage had to accept a life filled with pain and pain-relieving drugs.

It got Jan to look for treatment outside Denmark. January ended in Bergen in Norway Tonus rehabilitation clinic owned by Manual therapist Tore Toft. In a combination of sling treatment / training and extensive knowledge / expertise of the therapists he learned at first hand the great results that can be achieved. Of course it is a mixture of many aspects but fundamentally the course was a big focus on stimulating and strengthening the muscular and neuromuscular system so as to optimize weaklinks and motion control and motion quality. Following hundreds of top athletes and other clients groups January also learn that the same method had the same excellent properties with respect to injury prevention- and performance-enhancing training.

The many positive experiences with sling training then held a time in a lot of processes and with many different resource persons became the basis for Jungle Sports created.

Around the Jungle Sports concept

Jungle Sports Concept features four separate tools:

  • Jungle Sports Equipment (Training Tools for Personal and Professional.) - STE
  • Jungle Sports Education (A wide range of programs.) - PEM

    Area 1: Jungle Sports Products

    Jungle Sports has developed a wide range of quality suspension training equipment for both consumer and professional use. The products are sold by different sales channels depending on territory.

    Area 2: Jungle Sports Education

    Together with leading specialists Jungle Sports has developed a training model we call PEM (PEM = Physio Educativ Model®). PEM includes courses with and without exercise programs include sport-specific programs such as football, running, golf, etc.

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