PT Zone

Personal Trainer Zone

Our products are developed in close cooperation with leading experts toptrænere and top athletes, will be a sublime tool for any PT in relation to the test of Weaklink, core training and functional training. GYM system combined with our other option will create value and benefit of / In any PT zone.

By using the GYM in a PT zone group, the equipment will be ready and cleared up in seconds. It is also simple to hang up other devices in the system GYM (such as punching bags).

Are you PT therapist and works with personal training or treatment we recommend enhancements as Bat and Pulley. These two products will no doubt generate enthusiasm by both exercise and instructor and adds core training and functional training to a new level

With our sling system Liana is also simple to take PT hours outside when the weather is good. It's refreshing for customers and releases simultaneously space inside. Liana can be hung virtually anywhere, just you have something to hang the rope around and you are ready to train. Liana comes with a workout bag so that you simply can take it wherever you want.