Group training

Group training

Take all the good aspects of a group training session as music, social relations and director without have to compromise with the training is 100% tailored to the individual practitioner level throughout the hour.

With Jungle Sports group training adapted to each exercise to the individual practitioner level of training as a natural part of the group hours. This means that each achieves an optimal training benefits regardless of gender, age or fitness level. In other words, your customers get the best of both worlds. With the sliding system GYM makes it natural to combine core and strength training with slings into the existing group sessions because it only takes a few seconds to make a floor ready for training in slings and clear it again. See also. link to the video.

Shortcut to better results

Combine other types of training with suspension training and experience how this together creates an effective training which gives better results and prevents injuries. Therefore, slings also an important tool for many therapists, personal trainers and top athletes.


Jungle Sports has the only producer developed the unique rail system GYM for use in group training and PT-areas.

The system makes it possible to utilize the training premises optimally. With GYM is simple to arrange group training as it only takes a few seconds to make the hall ready for training. By giving members access to the equipment in the hall outside of the planned group may obtain a better use of existing facilities, while providing better training opportunities for members and PT'rs.

GYM Manual is simple to adjust manually using our quick release and lock system. The slings can be pulled out in a matter of seconds and is as easy to clear away again when the area to be used for other purposes.

GYM system can be connected in series which means that the length of the profiles one can be adapted to current gruppetræningsrum or PT area. We have air assembly that supports a ceiling height of up to six meters, but can also be supplied with wall or standing on the floor. GYM system is available in two standard lengths, but can also be delivered in customized length if desired. The system is available with either our Box- or Liana system.

- GYM 4.5 meters includes three complete training systems
- GYM 5.8 meters includes four complete training systems