Physio Educative Instructor Level 1: 29-30 October 2016

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Physio Educative Instructor Level 1 is the first course in our training series where you will learn basic knowledge and standard principles for the proper performance of suspension training.

On this course you will learn, among other things:

A thorough introduction and understanding of suspension training and how it works.
How do you train correctly in slings.
How do you adjust the exercises for yourself and your customers based on strength and body control, as well as exercises for progression / regression when the adjustment is not enough.
Better communication and instruction between you and your customers.
On the course you will receive a compendium of theory and a detailed review of all the exercises you go through the course that you can use for reference and revision if necessary.

This course is especially well suited for:

Physiotherapists and other therapists
Learn a training tool where patients receive immediate effect under your instruction, and increased motivation for their own training.

Personal trainers and group coaches at training
Offer your customers a form of exercise which invites coping and motivation. In addition you will give your customers a better position to get a better effect of a different type of training.
sports Coaches

Learn how to introduce suspension training for your club and practitioners to improve sport specific training effect, and how to reduce the risk of sports-related injuries with proper use of basic training.
After the course you will receive a course certificate by e-mail, in addition to that you have the opportunity to become certified Jungle Sports Sling Training Instructor Level 1. This gives you permission to use the title and automatic certification of today's course and workshops, the participant completes at Level 1. Participants who become certified will receive a diploma in the mail.

When the course is complete, you have the opportunity to participate in the fair course and workshops on Level 1 and Sling Training Instructor Level 2 is the next main course.

Duration: 18 hours / 2 days (Cl. 09-18 both days).
Location: Jungle Sports Studio Fredericia - Navervei 20A, 7000 Fredericia
Requirements for participation: None.

Student Discounts: 50%. Send e-mail to to get personal discount code.

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