Jungle Sports®

For maximum neuromuscular control.

Multi Exercise-rod that will challenge any athlete to the chief - regardless of level! Provides sling training another dimension.

Using Bat will be pressured to provide the highest level of strength and neuromuscular control. Bat is strongly recommended for the experienced and demanding atlet.Udenom degree of difficulty using the Bat provide equipment also possibility of many new exercises which have not previously been possible suspension training.

Another major feature of the use of Bat is that it forces the user to train symmetrical right as it does not allow you to compensate during training. It is very normal, especially when you start to get tired, you start to compensate with other muscles (the use of its strong side more than his weak). When doing this exercise you body asymmetrically, in contrast to practice in optimal symmetric harmony. This may have consequences as daily pain and / or overuse injuries, etc. This is especially important for top athletes the interaction between muscle groups will be a key factor to achieve its objectives and to perform optimally.

Package contents:

  • 1 piece Bat (training rod)
  • 1 piece Carabiner

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